DAY23-24 Letterfrack

you can see the diamond hill when you get off the bus.

next day... rain 
 it was so windy that i thought i could fly.

natural design blows my mind sometimes

 i don't understand why it's so difficult to capture an Irish rainy day
when i took this shot, it was crazy windy and hailing and wet and miserable.
i also sank in a bog an hour ago. my left leg was brown and muddy.
it's really scary because there are lots of holes under mossy grass but you won't be able to tell where they are.
このあたりは、bog と呼ばれる泥で覆われていて、背の低い草木の下がいきなり空洞になっていたりする。そこに見事に片足はまってしまって、寒いはびしょ濡れだわ大喧嘩するわでw大変だった!

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