DAY20 Doolin 02

 Aran Islands

30 minutes ferry ride to the smallest and closest island of three.

stone walls after stone walls... 
this island is covered with walls. 


どうして?って辿りついた仮説は、とにかく石だらけの土地で、掘り出した石をどうすることも出来なくて「とりあえず 石垣いっとく?」ってことで作りまくった。って思っちゃうくらい石がごろごろしてる島でした。

 animals in aran islands

waiting for the ferry. freezing cold
帰りの船を待ってるところ。  6月だけど、かなり寒い!

we came back to Doolin and went off walk to find a grocery store.
after four hours, we decided that the store doesn't exist in this world...
but the sun came out for the first time in 4 days. almost forgot that the sky can be blue.

very useful tip when you are in Doolin without a car!
 we traveled without a car, so a lot of times we had to walk pretty far to get some food.
 Doolin does not have a grocery store near the hostels. there are cafes and pubs, so you won't starve to death. but if you want to eat cheaper, try this.
go to Doolin Hostel!! you don't have to stay there. they have a cute cafe area and a little shelf with groceries!! pasta, potatoes, eggs, carrots, noodles, pasta sauce, little snacks and some more.
you can get some bananas too.
we were desperate to have some milk for tea, but the guy there gave us a cup of milk for free... 

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