flower shop

my favorite flower shop

this hydrangea reminds me of alexa.  

they make order-made dry flower wreath

love this plant (flower? fruit? whatever it is!)

i wish this was my room...

i love everything about this flower shop.
i love being in here.
flowers are talking to each other.


alexa said...

!!!! beautiful! and those white berries...I think are called 'winter berry' but that's not very specific, I love those too! miss you!

amimosemi said...

winter berry! i even love the name itself.
miss you too! although, pieces of you are everywhere in japan and every time i find one, i feel happy.

alexa said...

I think I belong in Japan! By the way - this blog: Apiece Apart re-posted your photo: http://blog.apieceapart.com/

amimosemi said...

wow! awesome!!

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