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i heard from neil that a lot of our friends are checking out my blog....thank you!
that's really sweet. i'm so happy that they can see what our life in japan is like even though we are living in the other side of pacific ocean!

unfortunately, we are not living by the beach yet. i've posted a bunch of pictures that i took when we visited our friend Nobu and Remi who live in South Boso area where we (or at least i :p) fell in love.
last time we visited them, four of us stayed at this 2-hundred-year old japanese farm house. ( here) Nobu and Remi were house-sitting/goat-sitting there. so yes... that lovely goat is not ours... someday we will sure have one though!

this is where we really live right now. my parents' house. our room is upstairs where we have pretty good view of Mt.akagi and rice fields.

well, well, neil is going to take a driving lesson so that he won't drive on the wrong side of the street.


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